Express VPN Review

Expressvpn is a Virtual Private Network service based in the United States. Users with unlimited capacity, delivering the most advanced encryption technology and access to many servers worldwide service. The service is marketed as a product that provides both safety and privacy.

Except to protect the identity of users and provide a secure internet connection, expressvpn itself but also by place of connection in internet censorship and site promotes as a way to overcome the practices restricting the content.

How It Works

Connected to one of the Expressvpn server users will have encrypted internet traffic. This, including the watching or hacking will protect them against the many dangers on the internet. Moreover, web traffic is not as if starting from a user’s computer appears to start from the server.

Uses the IP address of the server and the user would have to hide their location. Real IP address is hidden. This user identity is hidden, connection instead depends restrictions were exceeded, because websites are not the actual connection on the location of the user’s location server.


High quality of the services offered are based on 256-bit OpenVPN protocol, but L2TP / IPSec, PPTP, SSL and SSTP protocols are also supported. In a variety of settings can be selected according to the intended use of the software. For example, mobile devices supported by L2TP, which is faster but less secure.

The company’s headquarters in the United States, which means some risks involved, because expressvpn due to American laws to keep some data. But despite this, the actual IP to the access and use of your time quota will be saved, not where you are connecting to and downloading files. Read more about Express VPN in this test (german, just use google translate to get a english version).


There are servers in the following countries: Lithuania, Russia, Panama, Sweden, Luxembourg, Germany, Ukraine, Ireland, Turkey, Japan, Argentina, South Korea, Switzerland, India, Belgium, Thailand, Israel, Portugal, Netherlands, France, Norway Denmark, Austria, Canada, Romania, Poland, Greece, Australia, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Spain, Costa Rica, Egypt, Hungary, Singapore, Italy, Finland, the USA and Brazil.

Fees and Payment Methods

Expressvpn charges $ 12.95 for the  monthly membership fee, which falls on the expensive side of the market. As a result, those who plan to take advantage of this service for a long time, we recommend signing up for a package from the beginning of the long-term. 6 In the fall annual membership fee $ 9.99 per month each month you pay a monthly membership fee $ 8.92.

Free trial 30 days money back guarantee if not available, so think of it as the first 30 days free trial period. If your money is refunded if you are not satisfied with the service. When you also want each payment plan can be stopped.

Payment is possible  by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, WebMoney and a lot more options are available. In addition, for users who are worried about security, anonymous Bitcoin payment option is also available.


Expressvpn is compatible with many devices. PCs, Macs, mobile devices and tablets. Users can establish themselves expressvpn application, this is the recommended method.

Customer Support

Expressvpn customer support is one of its biggest plus. The main company site, although frequently encountered questions and offer answers to problems where the software gives a detailed description and guidelines concerning the installation on many devices, thus many users find solutions when faced with a problem on the site.

In addition, users in situations that require personal support, can contact the live chat with 7/24 providing technical support team. That will help you communicate with someone you have always enabled. Your chat history is saved in the system, so that your request can be answered more easily by future technical assistance team.